It is essential nowadays to maintain healthy habits as new diseases emerge. Eating citrus fruits alone will not give you the protection you need against viruses. Consume various types of fruits and vegetables to get vitamins and minerals. The more variety of foods you eat, the higher is your chance to dodge illnesses, as these nutrients help each other keep you healthy overall. Your caregiver from home care in South San Francisco, California, can prepare warm and hearty meals for you.

While many brands promise to supply you with daily recommended intake, it is still best to get proper nutrition from natural sources. Here are the fundamental vitamins you need for better immunity:

Hydration is also essential for a healthier you. Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily can help you flush impurities out. Avoid taking sugary and caffeinated drinks that might cause dehydration.

Aside from proper nourishment, you also have to be active. Exercise even when indoors. There are many ways to get physically fit, like engaging in aerobics or Zumba classes, and after that, getting enough sleep will help you feel better. Ask your home care services provider to help you with your daily schedule.

Care America HomeCARE Services can help you in planning your health routines. Together we can make special diets considering your needs and existing health conditions so you can reach your optimal health.

We can also provide a 24-hour private duty in California for seniors who require more assistance at night. Don’t settle for less. Call us at 877-322-7326 now.

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