People go to their doctor and get health exams that check blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, heart and lung sounds, and other aspects of overall health. During Emotional Wellness Month, it’s also important that your mom thinks about her emotional health.


Caregiver in Tiburon CA: Emotional Health is as Important as Physical Health

Caregiver in Tiburon CA: Emotional Health is as Important as Physical Health


What is Emotional Wellness?

Emotional wellness starts with an optimistic outlook. If your mom is constantly negative and bottles up her feelings, she’s not emotionally healthy. It’s time to address it by helping her learn how to reduce stress and anxiety, learn to manage negative self-talk, and practice self-care.

Why does it matter? If your mom has no outlet for her stress, it can impact her physical health. Unmanaged stress can increase your blood pressure. Studies find it can increase the chances of developing diabetes or heart disease.



How Does She Work On Improving Her Emotional Health?

If your mom is having a bad day, she should be allowed do embrace that bad day. Bad days happen, but she doesn’t have to let it turn into a bad week, a bad month, or a bad year. If her bad day was caused by a mistake she made, she can learn from it and move on. If it’s a situation outside of her control, she just needs to find positives that happen at the same time.

-To ease stress, she should look into activities that help ease stress. Yoga and Tai Chi are exercise forms that add relaxation breathing and some meditation measures. Journaling may help her. A hobby can help.

-If your mom is feeling tense or emotional, she can redirect those emotions into something helpful. Some people find making bread helps ease stress. Pulling and punching the dough as it’s kneaded into a smooth, elastic form.

-Therapy may help your mom if she has a hard time expressing her emotions. Some people bottle up their feelings to avoid hurting others. If that’s the case, consider setting up therapy sessions for your mom. She can go to an office or have a virtual counseling session.

-Companionship services from a home care agency help with emotional wellness. By having caregivers with her once a week or several days a week, your mom has someone to talk to. She has a person to play cards with, watch movies with, or join on outings.

Socialization can help ease stress and improve a sense of well-being. If she’s not lonely, she’s more likely to be positive. Set up your mom to get regular social visits from caregivers. Call a home care agency to learn more.

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