Shingles is a condition related to both cold sores and chicken pox. It’s a condition that can be a big surprise for your senior if she develops it. Shingles presents as a rash that can be very painful and can produce raised blisters. An outbreak of shingles can last up to a few weeks, which can feel torturous for your senior.

Elder Care in Millbrae CA: Managing Shingles

Elder Care in Millbrae CA: Managing Shingles

Scratching Makes it All Worse

It’s easy to say this when you’re not the one dealing with the shingles outbreak but scratching just makes everything worse. When someone scratches at the shingles rash, that breaks the blisters and helps to spread the rash to a bigger area. That’s a big problem, and can keep the shingles outbreak lasting a lot longer than it really has to. Avoiding scratching can help to make the entire ordeal shorten just a bit.


She Needs to Follow Her Doctor’s Treatment Recommendations

As soon as your senior is diagnosed with shingles her doctor is going to give her some recommendations for treating her shingles. There may be medications that she can take or prescription topical creams that she can use. Your senior may even be prescribed pain medications temporarily to help with the pain she’s experiencing. After her outbreak, there may be other treatment methods that your senior can use to help prevent another one.


Cool Compresses May Help with Pain and Itching

Damp, cool cloths spread over the shingles rash may be able to help your senior with pain and with itching. The compresses would need to be swapped out as they warm up, but the cool moisture can be soothing. Cool baths can also sometimes help, especially with additives like oatmeal. Talk to your senior’s doctor about whether she should avoid soaking in a tub or not due to her specific experience with shingles.


Over-the-Counter Remedies May Help

There are some over-the-counter remedies that can help with skin conditions like shingles, too. Some people find that NSAIDs can help with pain, as can lotions and creams, like calamine lotion. Your senior may find that paying closer attention to eating a healthy diet and adjusting for any vitamin deficiencies helps her immune system, too. That’s something her doctor can help her to work through and make a plan around.

Your elderly family member may need more help during a shingles outbreak. Senior care providers can assist your senior and help her to be as comfortable as possible.


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