American’s use of time varies. In general, surveys have found about 45 minutes each day is spent by women cooking meals, storing leftovers and washing dishes. Another half-hour is spent on cleaning. Add that hour to an eight-hour workday, commute times, and the 15-minute spans each for laundry, personal time, and yard work.


Elderly Care in Palo Alto CA: Ways to Manage Your Time

Elderly Care in Palo Alto CA: Ways to Manage Your Time



Men don’t spend as much time as women on tasks like cleaning and meal preparation. However, they spend more time on chores like home repairs and yard work.

It’s a lot to handle. When you’re also helping your parents with ADLs and IADLs, it can seem overwhelming. How do you best manage your time so that you’re not stressed or overwhelmed?


Encourage Your Parents to Do Many of Their Daily Chores Independently

Encourage your mom and dad to be independent. They may be able to cook their meals, but it’s easier to have someone else do it. If you dice and slice ingredients and have them packaged and in the refrigerator, could your parents be cooking their meals?

If they simply need an alarm and pill organizer to remember to take their daily prescription medications, why not set that up? A pill organizer and a Google Home or Alexa alarm that you can set remotely is a simple solution.

Every chore your parents do is a few minutes gained. You can use those minutes to get something else done for them. They feel pride in having accomplished something.


Create a Schedule

Build a daily schedule and start by blocking in an hour to yourself. If you can’t fit the rest of the things that need to get done into the day, you need others to chip in. You need to have that hour of “me time” to prevent yourself from becoming stressed or burned out.

Take the schedule you’ve created and put it online for other family members to see. You might find that your sister can take over meal preparation on Sundays. That frees up some time one day a week. Grandchildren, cousins, aunts/uncles, and close family friends may also be able to help out.


Ask for Help

The best way to maximize your time is by asking for help. Reach out to other family members to help step in and lessen the number of tasks you’re helping your parents complete. Ask your sister to take over sorting and organizing the mail. Have your brother help with grocery shopping.

If you don’t have siblings or your siblings are too busy to help, you need to look into professional caregivers. Caregivers can lessen your load by doing things like scheduling appointments, driving your parents around, and doing the housework. Call an agency to arrange for caregivers to help out.

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