Driving is one of the biggest conversations you and your senior have. Understanding when it’s time for her to let someone else drive is a huge project for you.


Home Care in San Francisco CA: Senior Driving

Home Care in San Francisco CA: Senior Driving


She’s Having Trouble Seeing Well

Your senior’s vision is one of the most crucial senses involved in driving. If she’s losing her vision or her vision isn’t great even with corrective lenses, that might mean that she needs to reconsider driving. A visit to your elderly family member’s eye doctor might be the best way to determine if her eyesight has gotten bad enough that she’s unsafe behind the wheel.

She’s Not Physically Strong Enough to Drive

There’s a lot more physical strength involved in driving than people realize. When your senior is likely to really notice how much strength driving requires is when she’s experiencing a loss of strength. Not having the strength to maneuver the wheel or to press the brake pedal quickly enough can be catastrophic for her and for other people.

Some of the Choices She Makes Aren’t Safe

What kinds of decisions does your senior face behind the wheel? If she’s making some poor or scary choices outside of a car, she may be making equally scary choices behind the wheel. It’s important to get an idea of what type of safety precautions she’s taking and how she’s working to ensure that the choices she’s making behind the wheel are the right ones for herself and for other people.

Her Car Keeps Coming up Damaged

If your elderly family member’s car seems to have a lot more damage than you noticed in the past, that can be a red flag. Your elderly family member’s driving can put her in situations where she either runs into objects or other vehicles or they come into contact with her car on their own. That damage is a sign that you need to pay closer attention to.

Her Official Driving Record Is Getting Bad

Something else you might want to do is to pull a copy of your senior’s official driving record. You might feel a bit weird doing this, but it can tell you a lot about whether she’s gotten moving violations or has been involved in accidents that you don’t know about. A driving record with a lot of negative activity is another red flag.

If your senior does need to stop driving, don’t leave her stuck. Make sure she has alternative transportation methods, like elder care providers who can do the driving for her.


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