When you’ve got a plan for a particular situation, it’s a lot easier to implement whatever it is. If you’ve been avoiding taking respite time, you probably don’t have a plan for what you’ll do with respite. That’s what makes sitting down and coming up with a concrete plan so important. Even the best family caregiver needs some time away now and again.


Homecare in Tiburon CA: Sort Your Respite Care Plan

Homecare in Tiburon CA: Sort Your Respite Care Plan


Start Figuring out Your Needs

It’s really easy when you’re a family caregiver to start ignoring your own needs in favor of everyone else’s. So, when you’re starting to think about taking respite time, the first thing you need to do is to get back in touch with your own needs. Determine what you require, especially in terms of rest and time away, and start writing that down.


Find out Who Can Take Over for You

You might have had family members or friends offer to stay with your senior for an afternoon or so. But is that the regular respite time that you need? Odds are that you need something a little more reliable, like bringing in senior care providers on a weekly basis. Once you know who can take over for you, you’ve got a better idea of what you can really do with that time, too.


Write out What You’re Doing

It’s not enough to think about what you’re going to do with respite time. It’s very easy for those thoughts to evaporate and to feel like something that isn’t real. Write out what you’re planning to do. When you do that, your plans start to feel more concrete. They become something that you can actually accomplish and that’s really important as a family caregiver.


Stick with the Plan

You’ve got a plan, now what you need to do is to stick with it. That’s tougher than it sounds because it can be awfully simple to talk yourself back out of taking respite time. But unless there’s a valid reason for you to avoid taking time away, you need the break and so does your senior. Take the time that you need and come back refreshed and ready to go again.

You don’t have to have rigid plans at all. It’s enough to have a schedule and to adjust it as you need to overtime. The most important part is that you’re listening to your own needs and doing what you can to make sure you meet them.


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