Rina Boidon

Founder - President - CEO

In-Home Care Services in South San Francisco, CA

Rina Boidon

Rina has been in the healthcare industry for over 15 years. Started as a caregiver herself she understands the importance of compassionate caring. Her hands-on experience gave her a unique viewpoint on caring not just for clients but for our caregivers as well. Appreciating other people’s hard work in keeping our elderly population safe is an important trait any leader should possess.

Rina loves the outdoors. She enjoys hiking and camping and always finds time to explore places off the beaten path. She reached the summit of Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia, the highest peak in Southeast Asia, and completed Utah’s Five-4-Five challenge by visiting five National Parks in five (5) days. She has crossed the Arctic Circle and hiked in Castner Glacier in Alaska, seeing the northern lights in the process. According to her, nothing beats feasting on the trout her son caught while ice fishing is her best memory of her Alaskan experience.

She is a proud mother to her son, Riley who played the role of “Donkey” in the school production of “Shrek the Musical, Jr.”.

Rina finds joy in exploring places by immersing in its culture, food and more importantly, interacting with its people. Rina has a proven track record and experience to lead, a true warrior spirit who is driven with a bigger purpose.