Shela Kho

Co-Founder - Managing Partner - Head Marketing Liaison

In-Home Care Services in South San Francisco, CA

Shela Kho

Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications at St. Joseph's College in the Philippines, Shela spent 8 years in the advertising industry prior to migrating to the United States in 2000.

Convent-bred, Shela attributes her innate and sincere compassion to others to the Daughters of Charity Vincent De Paul, the congregation of Immaculate Heart of Mary College, where she studied from preschool to high school. Sweet-toothed Palango fitness enthusiasts, Shela loves to travel and enjoy culinary specialties of places she visits with Hawaii, Japan and France as her favorite vacation destinations.

Shela has lived in 2 continents, traveled to 4, looking forward to exploring the other 3 with husband Mark and daughter Samantha Marie.

Having worked in the news wire service company and food industry in the San Francisco Bay Area for 17 years, in 2017, Shela decided to pursue a career in providing excellent, genuine care for those in need. With no formal education background in neurology and geriatrics, Shela “self-taught” and continued to learn about the elderly population, focusing on the various types of dementia, understanding the needs of people living with dementia and addressing the challenges of caring for them. Until there is a cure, Shela believes that genuine, people-centered care is the key to providing exceptional, quality care to people living with- or without, dementia.

Shela brings with her flexibility, adaptability and creativity in the workplace.

Care America HomeCARE Services's Head Marketing Liaison, Shela aims to Care for America, one State at a time!