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Care America HomeCARE Services offers prolonged shifts, most commonly in 8, 12 or 24-hour increments, although you may choose any amount of care ranging from a 4-hour mini-visit to 24-hours of care every day.

A 24-hour shift is designed for aging loved ones that want MORE than occasional or limited assistance.

When your aging loved-one needs help at home, you might feel quite overwhelmed and at a loss for what you could do and what your options are.

This can happen when your aging loved-one encounters an unplanned, accidental health challenge. We also find that this can occur when your loved-one has a planned operation (like a knee replacement) that will require a recovery period later.

Hourly Care vs. Live-In Care

Live-In Care

Before a client can get a live-in aide, the members of the household are required to supply the caregiver with sleeping accommodations. The family must agree and understand that the aide is eligible to sleep at least eight hours each night.

You will find that sometimes an aging adult might need assistance at nighttime, but regulations require the aide get a minimum of five hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.

A live-in aide can only work in a house for up to four consecutive days per week, then needs to be replaced with a second aide for the remaining days.

Live-in aides are compensated on a daily as opposed to an hourly rate since they are regarded as “off-duty” while they sleep.

Hourly Care

The caregiver (aide) must be alert and accessible at all times. This type of care needs at least 2 home health aides in a 24-hour period-of-time. The shifts can be divided into two 12-hour shifts or three 8-hour shifts.

Aides are NOT expected to sleep during their shift.

A client might need split-shift or hourly care because (s)he must be repositioned in their bed every few hours, need help to the bathroom several times each night or might be confused and try to wander at night.

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