Some people get a fever every time they get sick, even with something minor. Other people rarely get a fever unless they’re really battling something big. If your elderly family member has a fever, there are some things that you need to know so that you can help her to stay as safe as possible while she’s healing and getting better.


Senior Care in Atherton CA: Fevers and Your Senior

Senior Care in Atherton CA: Fevers and Your Senior


Why Do Fevers Happen?

The biggest reason your senior may develop a fever is that her body has detected that she’s got an infection, either bacterial or viral and that increasing her body’s temperature can “cook” the infection to kill it off. Fevers can also happen if your senior’s immune system targets something else as if it were an infection, even if it isn’t. For instance, some people develop a fever after getting a vaccination or as a side effect from medications that manage other health issues.


Treating a Fever

When your elderly family member develops a fever, it’s important to try to determine what caused it. Your senior’s doctor may recommend some common actions, like drinking fluids throughout the day and resting. Over-the-counter pain relievers, like acetaminophen, may also be recommended if her doctor feels confident that those medications won’t interfere with other treatments. Lots of people experience chills with fevers, so having extra blankets available can help. They’re easy to remove when she gets hot, but right there when she feels chilled again. If she has the energy to shower, keep the water lukewarm for best results.


Fevers Can Cause Additional Concerns

The real worry with fevers is that if they get too high or lasts too long, they can create bigger issues for your senior. Any time your senior’s fever creeps over 103 degrees Fahrenheit, you should get in touch with your senior’s doctor to find out what else you should do. Dehydration is a huge concern with fevers because your senior’s body is already burning off a lot of water because of the higher temperature. Sipping water and clear fluids throughout the day is really important. Seizures caused by fevers are less common, but they’re a possibility to be aware of.

If your senior has a fever and you’re not able to be there with her, it’s a good idea to have another plan. Home care providers can help your senior to stay hydrated and safe and there’s someone there with her if her condition worsens.


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