Things to Know About Exercise for Seniors

Staying active over the week is an achievable feat according to National Health Service UK. It takes 150 minutes of exercise are counted as healthy. Your senior love ones can try varied activities to make their week productive and make their body strong.

Experts from home care in South San Francisco, California can help your elderly parents or grandparents to be physically fit. They can suggest walking or cycling instead of using the car to visit your neighborhood. Moreover, seniors can get more exercise if they engage in sporting activities.

Here are the 2 types of activities to consider:

  1. Moderate Intensity Activity

    One of the best activities for seniors to try is moderate-intensity activity. Routines that help in raising the heart rate, breathe faster, and feel warmer are under this category. A private duty in California can assist in these routines to keep the elderly safe.

  2. Vigorous Intensity Activity

    When seniors try fitness activities that they need to push harder to achieve, this is under the category of vigorous-intensity activity. According to research, these types of activities will make more health benefits than moderate intensity. You have to make sure that the doctor approves it before trying it for seniors.

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