Tips to Create a Safe Environment for Seniors

An elderly adult who has symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease do actions that they will not remember. As the direct family member, your response to living with them should be house modification to ensure their safety. An expert from home care in South San Francisco, California can assist in the process.

You do not want a senior adult walking around the house without supervision if they have Alzheimer’s disease. You can hire a caregiver for private duty in California who can assist in looking over the activities for the seniors. Here are other tips to consider when living with senior adults:

  1. Remove the dangers of the house
    You check the room to room for possible items that can cause dangers to them. Imagine living with kids. You need to hide something that can cause fire, falls, or other accidents.
  2. Install an alarm system
    As mentioned by the Alzheimer’s Association of America, three out of five patients wander outside the house. It aids caregivers to track whether the patient goes out of their room after sleeping. You can ask your local hardware for a cost-effective alarm system.
  3. Remove poisonous plants
    Sometimes, you cannot control the actions of the senior patient. You should be ready to track the plants inside your house that are considered poisonous when ingested.
  4. Safely store the electronics, appliances, or gadgets
    Small devices that need electricity to work should be stored in a safe place away from senior citizens. This effort of storing can avoid electrocution to the elderly.

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